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For men: 5 places to avoid touching a woman during s*x

When the heat is on, you may believe there is no limit to what you can say or touch, but be careful, you may ruin the fun by touching these places.

Couple in bed

Sex is always a pleasurable experience that intimate partners enjoy informally. When the moment is right, lovers usually have no limits to their pleasurable activity.

However, the lovemaking process is extremely sensitive, and couples should avoid placing their hands on the following sensitive parts of the genitals.

Her uterus
Recognize that something is wrong if you reach her cervix during sex. Keep in mind that this is the narrow canal that connects the vagina to the womb. You don’t want to go there, so don’t try to touch her there.

For starters, having something rammed against her cervix is painful for her, and it could be a sign that you need to shift to a position with shallower penetration.

The clitoris’s leader
We know the clitoris is a super-sensitive zone with a lot of nerve endings, but vigorously stimulating the clitoris head can be an intense and painful experience for her. Consider gulping a cup of steaming hot coffee followed by an ice-cold beverage.

If she’s wearing socks, don’t touch her feet! Do you know why? According to a Johns Hopkins University study, wearing socks in the sack increases the likelihood of having an orgasm. This logic also applies to men. Another reason is that women must be completely relaxed in order to climax, and cold feet can be an unpleasant distraction.

Her hairstyle
You may find it strange, but this one is genuine: no lady wants her hair to be pulled or entangled during sex after she has spent hours (and thousands!) in the salon on it.

Her genitalia
If she’s breastfeeding or about to menstruate, avoid squeezing her nipples. It causes more harm than you can imagine.


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