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“It’s our parents’ money” – Cheddar’s sons respond to critics by Ghanaians after the Prom22(Video)

According to the young men who featured prominently in the 2022 prom of Ghana International School (GIS) in Accra, persons who are worried about flaunting the wealth of their parents are frustrated by the e-levy.One of the teenagers remarked that anyone who does not understand their display of expensive cars at the prom may have issues with the recently implemented Electronic Transactions Levy (E-levy).

The boys said this in an interview with a young video blogger. They opined that they see nothing wrong with flaunting their parent’s possessions because, according to them, the properties were acquired through hard work and they are very grateful for that.

It’s our parents’ money, they have worked hard for it, so they can decide what to do with it.”

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