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GIS prom video goes viral as ‘rich kids’ show off opulence in Grand style (VIDEO)

A video from the Ghana International School prom night has gone viral on social media.
The video has attracted the attention of social media users following the great wealth and luxury the students displayed in the video. A prom is a ceremony at a school held at the end of the academic year for students who are in their final year.
Prom Nights mark an important night and milestone for students as it also serves as ‘one last night’ year mates can have fun together as a class before they likely end up in different schools for further education.

As such the GIS students showed up looking their best for what would be a memorable night. This has seen some of the students in expensive designer suits and dresses with some of them arriving in luxury cars for the ceremony.

A short clip that highlights the 2022 GIS Prom has gone viral as some social media users can stop talking about the students perceived to be rich kids of wealthy parents.

Rich people have Prom.. ase3 ho fo) have our day.. person wey go bring fried rice win the day. awurade boa ahiafo) cos ei,” a Twitter user wrote and another said, “This category of Dbee is above my understanding. You see soft life err we get different types wey this one bi like the emeritus”. Watch the video below plus what some social media users have to say.


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