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Ama K Abebrese and other celebs slam Efia Odo over ‘we gained independence too early’ post

British-Ghanaian actress ,television presenter and a producer in all,Ama K Aberese has slammed socialite Efia Odo for saying that the country “gained independence too early.”

In a post on Twitter which has gone viral, Efia Odo noted that blacks, especially leaders misuse power, hence, her assertion that it was too early to have gained independence. This she said,
“We gained our independence too early! Never give a black man power, he’ll just misuse it.”

The British-Ghanaian actress however felt the socialite’s (Efia Odo) comment was out of total ignorance and totally a deviation on her path.

“This is totally ignorant,” Ama K Abebrese replied Efia Odo.

In her explaination to further counter what the socialite said, she noted that “to suggest that colonial powers were somehow better and their reign should have lasted longer is such a setback mentality to me. It ignores the history of Western interference in post-colonial Africa and the many years of bad trade deals that continually benefits the West.”

Not forgetting that many African leaders like Nkrumah/Sankara were killed with reported Western ‘assistance’ by their own people. That sent a very message early on that the notion of revolutionary black leaders would not last. This issue is much more complex and deep-rooted,” she added.

As part of her keen interest on this issue,Ama K. Abebrese again added that “bad leaders is not justifications to equate colonialism as if it were some kind of idyllic situation for Africa. It reinforces centuries of negative depictions of Africa and black people as inadequate and somehow less able to manage their affairs.

“I doubt you would suggest slavey ended too early or African Americans misused their power. However, you suggest colonialism ended ‘too early’. By all means, call out bad leadership in Africa and continually hold them accountable at every opportunity. But miss me with the ignorance,” she concluded.

Again other socialites and outspoken celebrities shared their concerns about this under comment section of the post by Ama k Abebrese. The likes of Lydia Forson said
“Sadly sis,alot of people think this way, it’s the conversation I’ve been having all week; it doesn’t help that people in power reiterate these points in how they address issues by suggesting that we are the problem.
Our education starts from slavery/colonization and for many don’t or aren’t bothered to learn anything before.”

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