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A thief accidentally sets himself on fire while attempting to siphon gas from a truck.

As fuel prices continue to rise, a man attempting to steal gas from a parked box truck accidentally set himself ablaze.

The Thief

The shocking incident was captured on surveillance camera footage, which showed the man attempting to siphon fuel from the tank of a vehicle next to which he had parked his own white pickup truck in Salt Lake City.

Authorities believe the man was attempting to access the gas tank with a drill when a spark ignited the flammable liquid.

The most likely cause of the spontaneous combustion of the gas is static electricity, or sparks caused by the friction of the drill bit against the gas tank.

The man was seen rolling on the ground, attempting to extinguish the flames on his clothes.

Because of the panic of the situation, he didn’t seem to have time to even remove his shirt.

After rolling across the concrete, the man managed to sit up and remove his burnt shirt.

His accomplice had been sitting in the parked pickup truck the entire time.

“He’s fleeing because if there was more gas in it than a gallon, this thing would have absolutely turned into a bomb,” Mills told KSL.

‘It’s unfortunate because times are tough for a lot of people, but it’s not worth the $5 he could have saved for the guy’s injury.’

‘Unfortunately, given the valley and national gas prices, we are seeing an increase in gas theft,’ said Salt Lake City Fire Marshal Division Chief Tony Allred.

‘Drilling into a tank is extremely dangerous for the person stealing gas for a very low return,’ Allred continued.

The man’s level of desperation in order to access what would have been a small amount of gas demonstrates how much pressure Americans are under as a result of the recent rapid rise in gas prices.

Source: Dailymail.Uk


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