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Gcb3 crowned ‘agyenkwa’ above all foods in these hard times.

God bless the ‘Daavi’,the anonymous ewe woman who first discovered ‘gcb3′. Although the price of gari and beans street named ‘gcb3′ has increased due to the hike in foodstuff in Ghana, people who enjoy this delicacy says it is a savior that can sustain a person long enough from hunger.

With just GH¢4.00(starting price) of gari and beans plus riped plantain, with a loud belch from an additional drinking of one sachet of purewater,one can go about their day feeling satisfied enough until the next day, this is according to the beans lovers association.

The age long and growing debate on whether Ghana Jollof and waakye are the most popular meals of the day always fall flat among the gari and beans lovers who continue to wonder what on earth can cause a person to ditch their favorite for rice meals which leaves one hungry again in few hours.Some even say at the mention of Gcb3 all knees shall bow.

It is imperative to note that cooked beans mixed with palm oil in recent times is not only food for ‘hustlers’ but for everyone.
You would be blown away and your jaw dropped by the number of men in suits and ties as well as women in expensive and rich clothes all queued to buy gcb3 or drive long hours to a joint. Colleagues hurrying from workplace during lunchtime to join queues of gcb3.

Some enjoy their gcb3 with egg, sausage, pear,fish, chicken, and sometimes sallad.

Some out of their love for this delicacy took it on social media; Twitter to express their feelings about gcb3. Below are some of the tweets:

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