Ghanaians don’t understand comedy – Comedian Joe Kuntani

Ghanaian actor and comedian, Joe Kuntani popularly known in the creative arts industry as “Akwasi TV” has expressed his worries about low patronage of Ghanaian comedies.

According to Joe Kuntani in an interview with Seancity Media, many Ghanaians do not understand the whole concept about comedy, making it difficult for a lot of talented comedians to explore their God-given talent in them.

“Many Ghanaians don’t understand comedy. Even with acting, still, people don’t understand it. I can say that comedy is a more difficult art than normal acting. But here, people see comedians as ‘fools’. Ghanaians also like one top player. If one person comes up with a comedy style, they don’t want to turn to others again. Look at the comedy industry in Nigeria. They have so many talents and their shows and arts are highly patronised.”

Joe Kuntani is widely known in the creative arts industry with many of his skits on his YouTube Channel – Akwasi TV going viral. He is the master brain behind the popular comedy series “Woboa nipa a gye receipt.”

His Akwasi TV channel on YouTube has thousands of subscribers who watch comedy skits from the channel on daily basis.


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