On the 1st of July, 2021, the Read read foundation together with two other organizations went to Nima to embark on a project dubbed, “The Nima Book Drive” and “The Quabbatul Plastic Waste Campaign”.

As a result, it took these three organizations to a nearby Islamic school at Nima(The Quabbatul school). The CEO of the three different organizations are Miss Rejoice Adzivor, Mr.Aziz Tanko Nuhu, and Miss Kenndicta A-ensonga of reading read foundation, Yaga Cares, and the A-ensonga respectively.

Their main motive was to transform the lives of the kids in the school by inculcating the habit of reading in them, educating them on the need to prevent or reduce plastic waste and also have fun with them as they learn. As part of the actions taken to implement this motive, the organizations went to the school to distribute some books entitled “reading your way through success (catalyst) which was authored by one of the CEO of the organization’s Miss Rejoice Adzivor.

Also, they donated plastic water bottles, biscuits, and other things to the children in the Quabbatul school. Looking at the poor nature of our environment filled with waste materials which makes the environment unpleasant for living, the organizations educated the kids on the need to prevent plastic waste. As a result, they distributed dustbins to help achieve this campaign.

Furthermore, a fun club was inaugurated in the school. This was done to support the idea of inculcating the habit of reading into the children in the school. As a result, the fun club was inaugurated with the selection of executives and a patron for the club to keep it in existence.
It was a day of joy for the kids and the organizations as they learned new things and had fun…


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