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‘My account is now empty, sold my Range but I am happy’ – repented Moesha Buduong (VIDEO)

Moesha Buduong has disclosed that she has emptied her bank account and sold her Range Rover.

Moesha Buodong buys Ghc 261k Range Rover evoque

Moesha Buodong buys Ghc 261k Range Rover evoque

According to the actress she doesn’t have anything now but she is happy. This comes days after she announced her repentance as a born again Christian. In a new video that has surfaced on social media, Moesha confessed to doing drugs and sleeping with married men for money.RECOMMENDED ARTICLES

In the video seen by, she revealed that ” I don’t have anything in my account again, my car, I have sold it,” speaking to some people around her in the video, she continued that ” did you see I was going pick to Bolt, I don’t have anything”.

Moesha who says she has regretted her past life emphasized that “I have given everything, see me the way I am looking but me looking like this, I am happier than those days that you’d see me driving Range Rover and travelling around. I was not happy“.

The actress seized the moment to advise young girls by saying that “so all these girls that looked at my lifestyle and wanted to be like me, it’s not easy at all. Some of these girls go and they die because of the wrong men they sleep with. All these men do is to take our glory and give us peanuts“.null

Tearfully speaking about giving her life to Christ and sharing her testimony in the video above, she said “before I shared my testimony at church it wasn’t an easy thing, I was battling with a lot of things, I was so sick, the devil didn’t want me to speak“.

This is Moesha Boduong, they use to call me Slay Queen of Accra and I was happy … I thought it was ok but I battled with a lot,” she recounted.

Moesha Boduong

Moesha Boduong

In the emotional video, she apologized to Ghanaians and all girls she has introduced to dating rich married men after saying that “Crack, I tried crack before, I took weed, it’s God that I don’t know is with me so when I tried it, I didn’t like it“.

Watch the video below to hear more from her.


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