Breaking news: Former South Africa President, Jacob Zuma sentenced to 15months imprisonment (video)

Former President of South Africa Jocob Zuma has bean sentenced to direct imprisonment of 15 months for contempt of court. 

The former president and a comrade of Nelson Mandela was sentenced to prison for refusing to cooperate with a corruption inquiry. The President who is now 79years old has been facing corruption scandals, deals he made when he was in office with some big business companies. 

Mr zuma has five days to present himself to a police station to be sent to a correctional facility. He will later appear in court on his long term corruption and fraud charge onJuly 19, 2021. According to the judges, if the former president failed to present himself to the police in five days, the police will take all necessary measures available. 

The constitutional court in south Africa described the former President’s behaviour as contentious, scandalous and smacking of manners.


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