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2 pupils captured jumping the wall to run away from school

This video actually brings back a lot of memories.

You remember primary school?

If you happen to attend one with walls with only one gate leading outside, you need to develop climbing skills.

Especially if you’ll have a business outside the school premises during learning period.

It could be that you want to buy some ice cream from that woman who sells nearby.

But the laws forbid you to buy outside until you close.

If this is the case, you must devise your means to leave the school without being noticed and the only way is over the wall.

This trick which we used decades ago is still in use.

So these two students in a viral video for reasons best known to them ran away from school.

And by doing so, they expertly used the wall.

Unknown to them, someone was nearby and took a video of them.

The video after popping up on social media has been trending.



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