Augustine Adu-Gyamfi; master of ceremonies, event management, real Estate consultant and brands ambassador.

Augustine Adu-Gyamfi is a master of ceremonies, event management, real Estate consultant and brands ambassador.

Augustine Adu-Gyamfi’s journey begun as a Dj with Dj Armani at Citi fm, then He delved into brands activation and entered the events space through Eddaniels Ltd as the marketing manager . 

During His stay at Eddaniels , He hosted few corporate and social events which propelled His interest in emceeing .

After working with Eddaniels for two years it was finally time for him to move on. 

His first major events after letting go off his 8 to 6 works schedule was in 2017 where he hosted a dinner celebration. Since then, the brand Adu-Gyamfi has grown into a house hold name in the events space . Five years of his hard work and carving a niche hasn’t been easy but He really enjoys what he do . The passion, zeal and determination is what keeps him going.

Why Mcee Adu Gyamfi Loves what He does;

1. He feels more fulfilled: As the lines between working life and personal life blur, a job is as much about personal fulfillment and growth as it is about a paycheck. A job that you love … gives you extra motivation to meet your goals and when you do, the sense of accomplishment is outstanding.

2.It’s more productive: It’s important to feel motivated and inspired in your career. Without the drive to excel, your performance will lack passion and in turn, your brand may suffer.

3. It makes him an inspiration to others: Many people are too afraid to follow their dreams and do what they love. Think about what you would say to a friend or your loved one: Would you discourage them from doing what makes them happy simply because it’s risky? When you do take that leap yourself, you become an inspiration to such individuals.

4. Success: You won’t need someone to keep tabs on your work or motivate you to reach your full potential. You will do your best work because it’s natural and exciting for you to do.

“When you love what you do, you are compelled to push against yourself.

I’ve always looked up to some prominent personalities who have hosted events over the years , both in and outside Ghana. 

Two years ago, He was nominated as the best event MC by fashion and lifestyle group ( FALA ). This year 2021, He has been nominated by African wedding Makers as the best Event MC which He’s hopeful to win.

In his 5years as a professional event host, He has hosted over 300 events and still counting.

With the help of his colleague  MCs of the (Emcees Network),His team inspires him to do more because He’s also part of the prestigious Events vendors Association of Ghana. 

The Brand Adu-Gyamfi is readily available to provide clients and prospective clients with the top-notch professional event that you desire.


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