Awards do not define an artist, but it is nice to be recognized-KiDi Speaks After Being Crowned Artiste Of The Year

Dennis Nana Dwamena, best known as KiDi, was elected Artiste of the Year at the recently concluded 3Music Awards. He insists that awards do not describe an artist, rather that it feels nice to be honored.

KiDi disclosed in an interview that, while 2020 was a horrible year for most people and no one predicted it to be that bad, it was a really positive year for him.

The “Enjoyment” hitmaker said that he deserves the attention he is receiving now because most of his songs are doing well in the industry. However, he noted that he is unconcerned when such honors are not conferred upon him.

Focusing on obtaining attention rather than the work, he claims, causes the artiste to lose emphasis on the job.

Furthermore, the Lynx Entertainment signee claimed that while it is more appreciative for an artiste to be appreciated for his/her hard work, he is the only one who deserves the topmost honor.

Check out the video below:

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