Zion Felix discusses how he lost his YouTube account after a hacker streamed a video about Elon Musk.

Zion Felix, a Ghanaian blogger, lost his YouTube account yesterday.

According to the famous blogger, his YouTube account was compromised, with the hacker streaming videos that breached the platform’s rules, resulting in a suspension from YouTube and the account being disabled.

“Someone was streaming live on my website, I had no clue, but one of my writers told me, and I hurried to check it out and found the person had made all my videos private and was streaming a video about Elon Musk’s ex-girlfriend,” he said.

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In explaining what happened on Kofi TV, he said, “I am sure that particular video violates YouTube’s policies, so I tried to change the password, but the guy has already signed in.”

According to Zion Felix, when the individual made videos on his channel private, he received an email notifying him of a YouTube strike for breaching the rules, and he began trying to resolve the problem, but he was unable to do so in time.

“After he made it private, YouTube sent me an email claiming I broke a clause, because as you know, there are three strikes, because once you get three strikes, it’s a no to the channel, so I was working around the clock to make sure I deleted the live stream,” he explained to Kofi TV.

In the video, he said, “I had to log out from both machines so that it would log the user out… so I was working on that and they sent an email that they have terminated my account and I can’t do anything about it.”

“I reached out to them on Twitter, and they requested that I follow them so they can send me a DM so that we can take it from there, so I followed them, sent them a letter, and am waiting for their answer so we can continue the conversation,” he said.

If he does not have the account returned, he claims he will have to build a new one and start again. The celebrity blogger is well-known for his popularity on the video-sharing website, which he combined with other earnings from his job to build a house, buy cars, and set up a TV studio in his home.

However, the famous Ghanaian blogger has released a disclaimer about new fake accounts built in his name. “For the time being, I have not launched a new YouTube channel. We are working with YouTube to get the old account resurrected. Thank you for your support “.. Please see his article below.

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