Strongman – Stress (Official Video) & Lyrics

Uhh Na wate anaa 

Tubhani musik 

Nana Sei 

Slay queen nii bi ba 

Bisa no s3 de3n na ohia 

Ose bone straight 

Obaa s3 wotaa mame tua 

Na anadwo wob3da meho a four straight

Mennto Gospel buh forgetti Herty 

Osei i was born great 

3ka atamfo a anka mas3e 

Buh Nyame nti meho 33den s3 borngrains

If you want the attention

Pay the at ease

Pains a mefaa mu to pay my fees

No smoking

3ndisturbe me peace

Girls girls nn3 mefr3 with ease

yeah hommie we dey waste no time

Nyame nti boys y3 fine

S3 woti so ky3n DKB ne Sheldon a You cant even block my shine

How you dare me, me dey pun

Throw me shot me nuh fear gun

Kumasi boy me love urban

Rudeboy me nuh fear man Freestyle,

Me time Na wode3 gu so gyimi me pile

Onkae3 me nso otan me

Kaneshie nkofoo fans 3pae me


3nhw3 obaa anim nfa nchecke atopa

Y3 tu wo fo na wo posa wo ntohw3

Berma awoo daaa wopata nkokwa

Y3disse obaa wie a y3san kop3 wo

3nfeeli me a unfollow me

Boys y3 colony Flow no y3 hard s3

Burundi economy Punch ba fuu s3 sika y3de ma wayoumi

Hommie woy3 busy a

Wonni time for the enemy

Hw3 me ponki joo

Wirefoo ba mechecke doo

Mehu mic a me turkey ba o

Wode Range Rover 3comepare Pijoo

Nyame nka woho a f your arteries

My hommie you dey work in vain

If you want make this greens

Eno be talent use your brains


Rap game no y3 droppe back to back

y3 move from the grass to grace

De3 y3b3 y3 no ego burst your brains

Nhyira e dey flow like rain

Slim mafia

S3 biibi b3 bo mefom a

3ny3 maafia

Menante firi

Buokrom ko si kejetia

Adwen fii no ama wadwen no ay3 tiatia

Mommy i did it counting digits

And we aint kidding

Shouts out to


Chale mey3 giant menni time for the megit

Me UK accent no ba a

You cant show me nothing

Wokon doo beef come let me show you kitchen

No time you see the clock is ticking

Y3kyer3 lion no wokyer3 kitten

Stand ovation and you still sitting

Original nti menni time to be faking BK how far with my hood

Wogymii no

3nchange me mood

Wop3 beef a me serve wo juice

Y3 pre best mopre good hey Malai – Baby

i just want leave my life with no stress

Kop3 cash time 3ko my brother wo ky3

3ny3 sikas3m a de3b3n nti na wofr3

Menp3 akasa akasa

Massa massa twe woho erh

3n3 boys ntwe o Pack your self

3n3 girls nte o



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