“He Tickle her Neck Hope She’s Not Wet” _Nigerians React To The Video Of Wizkid Hugging And Tickling The Ear Of Moesha

Wizkid Fans has expressed concern about their Grammy Award-winning his friendship with singer and actress, Moesha Buduong,

The ‘Made In Lagos’ singer was among the guests who attended Moesha’s birthday party at her home. She jumped for joy at the prospect of meeting the singer for the first time and having him attend her party.

The actress was seen in the arms of Wizkid, who had a firm grip on her neck, in a video shared by the actress on her Instagram page. He rubbed her neck and tickled her ears before letting go of her.

A cross-section of his fans, especially the females are jealous of Moesha getting the sensual feel of Wizkid’s body against hers while others wondered if she was wet from that sensitive touch on the neck and ears.

Watch the video below;


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