How much you make from YouTube that you have the gust to talk my matter like I’m nobody _Shatta Wale bashes Kwadwo Sheldon (Video)

You Talk Anyhow Because Of Your $2 YouTube Earnings

Shatta Wale, the controversial Afrobeat and dancehall musician, has pulled content creator and blogger Kwadwo Sheldon through the mud over his reaction to the Grammy Awards.

Shatta Wale was seen ranting and insulting Kwadwo Sheldon after his reaction to the recent 63rd Grammy Awards in a video shared on social media. After their nominations, celebrities and other social media users congratulated Burna Boy and Wizkid. Shatta Wale has slammed content creator Kwadwo Sheldon for dragging Ghanaian artists for not winning any Grammy awards.

watch the video:


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