Twitter is suspending users who use the word “Memphis” in their tweets.(Check out the full coverage)

People's Twitter accounts are being immediately deleted for tweeting the word "Memphis."

People’s Twitter accounts are being immediately deleted for tweeting the word “Memphis.”

Several users have confirmed that their posts were deleted almost immediately and their accounts were blocked for spreading the word.


Those who have dared to tweet the name have apparently received a message claiming that they have been locked out for the next 12 hours.


Olympique Lyonnais, the club of Dutch midfielder Memphis Depay, has commented on the mysterious series of suspension.

Sharing a snap of the player, the club’s US account asked: “Hey, @Twitter – can we talk about him yet?”

Under the tweet, a number of users have been egging each other on to write his name, asking each other what is Depay’s first name or what is that city in the US called?

And it’s not gone down well for those who have, with countless posts being removed.


Where Memphis’ name had been, it now reads: “This tweet violated the Twitter rules.”

A number of users have been urging each other to write his name in the comments section of the tweet, asking each other what Depay’s first name is and what the name of the city in the United States is.

And it hasn’t gone well for those who have, with a slew of posts being taken down.


“This tweet breached the Twitter rules,” it now says where Memphis’ name used to be.


To get around it, some people have applied accents to some letters in the word or written it in capital letters.for example: ‘Memphis’ and ‘Memphis’,


It’s unclear why this is happening, and Twitter has yet to react to the strange occurrence.


LADbible has reached out to Twitter for a response.

While those who have been affected will be able to access their accounts within a few hours, the same cannot be said for more serious or repeat offenders.

Last month, Twitter revealed that Donald Trump would be barred from the platform indefinitely, even though he ran for president again.


After the deadly Capitol protests in January, the former president was thrown off the social media site.


And Twitter’s chief financial officer, Ned Segal, has confirmed that the ban will remain in effect regardless of the result.


On CNBC’s Squawk Box, he said: “If you’re kicked off the platform, you’re kicked off the platform.


“Whether you’re a political commentator, a CFO, or a former or current government official.

“Remember that our measures are in place to prevent people from inciting abuse. And if someone does this, they will be removed from the service. Our policies also make it difficult for people to return.”


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