Beyoncé “Opted not to perform” at Grammys even though she leads nominations

This is the third time in the history of Grammy that the artist with the most nominations has opted not to take the stage (the others were Kendrick Lamar & Jay-Z).

It will most likely be another week or two before we stop hearing about this year’s Grammy Awards, but given that they will kick off in just two days, reports about the ceremony will come in like a storm. Most of today’s (March 12) talk about the Grammys focused on The Holiday, Justin Bieber, and Beyoncé.

We’ve reported a lot about The Weekend’s surprising snub this year, and we’ve also discovered that Justin Bieber could not attend the ceremony because his song, Shifts, wasn’t included in the R&B categories. Throughout the day, Beyoncé has been on the social media scene since the Los Angeles Times interviewed British television producer Ben Winston, who took the lead this year’s show.

During their chat, it was noted that Beyoncé, who is leading nine nominations this year, is not going to perform. It is confirmed that for the third time in the history of the competition, the performer with the most nominations would not be on stage, and Winston was asked about the reactions of the fans when they learned that Beyonce “elected not to participate.”

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“It’s sad, because she’s a huge part of the Recording Academy. We wish we had her on board,” said Winston.

He also told the tale about another artist—who he didn’t name—who was invited to play this year, but eventually turned it down because they were so angry over years earlier.

It’s a weird place for Winston to be in, but he’s in charge of making sure the show moves on without a hitch, not a candidate or a winner.

“You know, this is the deal when you take over the show, “Winston said that. He spoke to recording executives and labels about “What they think about the Grammys.” When talking to an unknown rapper, “She was like, ‘I was snubbed three years ago, and I’m really upset about it.’ I answered her, ‘Right, but you know there’s nothing to do with me?’ She said, “I don’t know—kind it’s of, isn’t it?”

Back in December, Megan Thy Stallion said in an interview that she and Beyoncé were talking to perform their “Savage (Remix)” at the Grammys, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going on.

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