‘I haven’t block the Shining of Kwesi Arthur’ – Kwaku Flick 

Kwaku Flick, a new boy, said very categorically that he had not blocked the shine of Kwesi Arthur in the rape field and the music industry, as some people say.

When the Host interrogated him, he said, “Oh no, it is difficult to make Kwesi Arthur get confused or lost in the game after I’ve appeared on the music scene. He’s not sure that he has not yet gotten into the past.

As an artist, he could work on the low seriously, just as I do my own thing. Nobody knows what he can do, and no one knows even the bangers behind the scene I’m putting together,” he went on to say.

“I think if you haven’t heard of Kwesi Arthur regularly, he’s probably putting things together behind the scenes, but I can’t presume that I’m the reason he disappears from the music scene if that’s the reality,” he added.

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