Former R&B Group Singer Stabbed To Death In Houston

A former member of the influential R&B group Ideal of the 1990s, Cedrick Cotton was allegedly assassinated in broad daylight at a spot he frequently went to.

The 46-year-old was stabbed to death outside Fondren Food Mart on 9 February, according to ABC 13. Scores of people flocked to the scene after the crash to see if it was anyone they knew. One of those onlookers was William King, Cedrick’s uncle.

“I just saw him lying there,” he said. “Last night, I couldn’t do anything but cry.”

Delores Floyd, the mother of Cotton, spoke with ABC 13 on Tuesday about the tragic occurrence in Southwest Houston. She claims that at the grocery store, where he would sometimes ride his bike, her son was a frequent customer.

I get this call the next thing I do, and I hear people… “Every day, he comes here. He’s not troubling anybody. He’s a decent fellow,’ described Floyd.

One quarter of Ideal, Cotton, who went by the stage name Swab, came into the scene around 1999 and toured and entertained for years. The group was best known for their “Whatever” song.

Cotton helped create Ideal, which began in California and consisted of himself, his brother, his cousin, and a friend from high school.

“They were on ‘The Soul Train,’ ‘The Donnie and Marie Tour,’ ‘The Parkers,” said Floyd.”

What happened or contributed to the killing isn’t obvious. Investigators are now seeking to clarify the terms as Floyd is making a public plea.

“Whoever did this, turn in,” she told ABC 13. “For this foolishness, you know, it’s time out. It’s not the right thing to do to kill people.”


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