Rihanna’s Fenty Fashion Line Closes Down and Fans Speculate on Reasons

-Rihanna and LVMH have announced that they will stop Fenty fashion production.

The fashion house LVMH said they were waiting for a better climate, avoiding the possibility that it might be temporary.

Fans began to speculate on why on social media, and many felt it was because the brand was too expensive The Fenty Fashion Line is no longer available.

After a long break from music, Rihanna was making business moves.

She launched a makeup line and a fashion line, and fans were impressed by her unrelenting work ethic.

Rihanna collaborated with the luxury brand LVMH for its Fenty fashion line in 2019 and it was a success for a while.

According to a statement, the decision to close the fashion line is because they are waiting for a better climate-maybe Covid-19 may be the cause.

The brand did not rule out any further collaboration with Rihanna in the future, and the tone of the statement made it appear that this might just be a temporary decision.

Since Fenty house was a luxury brand, not a lot of people could afford it. Fans began to speculate the reasons why it has shut down on social media.

@ChantalAtl said: “It wasn’t a great line unfortunately and way too expensive.”

@KierseyFamily commented: “It’s called a luxury brand for a reason. It’s making money from those who can afford it. But because of Covid it’s taking a pause.”

@Isha488 said: “Fans can’t afford it, the prices are too high end. Her makeup, skincare and lingerie brand is heavily supported though.”

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