The selective ways in which Sarkodie engages people is the reason why they call him an arrogant, a sted and a humble person.

Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie is one of the artistes most people claim he’s arrogant and stingy but it looks like many have a mixed reaction after their
encounter with him

Kwaw Kese recently showed up in the media to tag his fellow rapper Sarkodie, mentioning that he did not answer his calls nor his messages.

There is a common belief that he is an attractive person who refuses to achieve his height, after people support him.

Well, as Ghanaan Gospel singer, Yaw Sarpong says that the rapper is the humblest guy ever encountered. He has his way of interacting with people.

He told Sarkodie how, after attending his marriage ceremony, Sarkodie made him feel glad because the rapper told him he was pleased to see him representing his ceremony.

Yaw Sarpong said in an interview with videos appearing online that when he did an interview in the United States, Sarkodie referred to his name as his favorite musician.

Dan Lartey also came out to say that Sarkodie had given him money when he shaved his hair, betting that Sarkodie would win the best rapper awards.

Looking at the sequence of stories about the rapper, you might tell that the finest rapper in Ghana has a way to appeal to people.

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