Cardi B reveals the immense expense of making her music video.

Cardi B is known to spend a pretty penny on whatever she wants, and she’s able to put up the money for the product when it comes to music.

Recently, the Bronx rapper took to her Twitter account and disclosed the budgets for some of her most popular music videos. Let’s just say: that’s gotta be cool.


The visual for her breakout hit “Bodak Yellow” cost $15,000, according to Cardi, which is nothing compared to subsequent video drops.

With regard to “Money,” “Please Me,” and “WAP”? Those three alone topped a combined $2.1 million estimate. $100,000 was spent on checking for “WAP” for COVID-19 alone.

Naaaa honey….Money costs 400K, 900K, Wap Cost an M, please cost me! “In a retweet, Cardi wrote of a fan who thought $15K was a lot for a video.

Cardi says she does not really remember the “Press” or “I Like It” budget.

Be careful? Be careful. was “not much,” according to Cardi, who says that “probably like 200k” was his price tag.

The shooting and set budgets were not the only costly elements of the videos of Cardi B. She directly paid Offset’s $50k wardrobe fee for “Lick,” according to her.

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