Mr. Drew Reacts To His Recent ‘Song Theft’ Scandal, Debunks Sampling Keche’s ‘No Dulling’ Song

Mr. Drew has finally opened up on claims circulating that he has sampled Keche’s ‘No Dulling’ song in his new song, Highly Spiritual Signee.
The singer cum dancer has debunked the rumors that some people do not want to realize that he has become a musician and actually does well in the game as a dancer.

In an interview on Kastle FM in Cape Cost, he emphasized that his new song dubbed ‘This Year’ and the No Dulling’ song have nothing in common hence he considers it ridiculous that Ghanaians would come up with such an accusation.

Mr. Drew noted that some people just follow the crowd as usual and don’t know anything but just join the bandwagon to say what people are speculating.

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