Liberia President George Weah’s Wife Allegedly Warns Jackie Appiah

Beautiful Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah is allegedly not in the good books of the wife of Liberian President George Oppong Weah.

The first lady of the West African country, Clar Weah is alleged to have warned Jackie Appiah to end whatever relationship she has with her husband.

The allegations was made a blogger, Abrewaba Konkonsani on Instagram.

Sharing the photos, an Instagram blogger wrote,

‘Best President in Africa🤗🤗I really love his wife, Oh yes! She can give warnings papa in a cool way😊😊‘

She added,

‘Aaah. Oh OohOkay. They suffered together, Awww.

Can you take the sound of Stay off my husband from a Liberian woman. Their English is woarawoara papa😂😂one day I’ll speak some for you wai

This comes after rumours that the former football star is having extramarital affair with the screen goddess. The affair is said to have started even before Weah became President in 2018.

Early this year, a blogger alleged that Jackie Appiah was pregnant for Weah but she denied it

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