Sarkodie and Kuami Eugene performs ‘Happy Day’ song together for the first time

Sarkodie and Kuami Eugene perform the song ‘Happy Day’ for the first time together 


Kuami Eugene played for the first time with King Sark yesterday at his Hero Concert 
since messing with the minds of people after the publication of the controversial ‘Happy Day’ song. 
It has been tagged as an endorsement song for Nana Addo and the NPP in their campaign for another term in office since the song’s release few days ago.
Some lyrics of the trending song suggest that Sarkodie has endorsed Nana Addo for four more years, claiming he has shot down hours after the assertions went viral.

Sarkodie and Kuami Eugene perform the song ‘Happy Day’ for the first time together
Kuami Eugene played for the first time with King Sark yesterday at his Hero Concert since messing with the minds of people after the publication of the controversial ‘Happy Day’ song.

It has been tagged as an endorsement song for Nana Addo and the NPP in their campaign for another term in office since the song’s release a few days ago.
Some lyrics of the trending song say that  four more years, Sarkodie backed Nana Addo, saying that he shot down hours after the assertions went viral.

Sarkodie commended the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the song to address the ‘dumsor’ and implement the Free SHS scheme, which was of great assistance to people, he said, hence Nana Toaso.

Kuami Eugene, however, in a swift response to the allegations, said that he was unaware of the line in the song that supported Nana Addo, after many comments that cropped up in the wake of this brouhaha.

Well, Kuami Eugene finally performed with Sarkodie after several tirades about the album. It was shocking how the two acted, as though the publication of the single had never been a scandal.

watch the video below:

As they sung along, fans who were gathering at the event reacted favorably. The Hero Concert took place in Accra at +233 Grill and Bar yesterday.

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