Dr UN granted bail by a court; orders him to go for a mental check-up

court granted Dr. UN parole, ordering him to go for psychiatric check-up 
After being arrested by the Asokore Mampong District Court, which was chaired by Her Ladyship Portia Molly, Dr. Kwame Fordjour alias Dr. Un was given bail. 
Based on psychiatric examination to be carried out on him before his hearing in the Case, he was granted bail.
He was granted bail based on a mental examination which is to be conducted on him before his earing in the Court. According to the trial judge, an accused person’s mental fitness was a necessity to a fair trial and that it was important for Dr. UN to have the mental capacity to understand and appreciate the court proceedings.
Dr UN was granted bail at an amount of Ghs15,000 with two sureties to be justified. Recall that Dr. UN was arrested weeks ago at the premises of Hello FM for his usual interview. The real cause of his arrest was never known.
He was seen behind bars smiling and having a good time with his cellmates a few hours after his arrest. 

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