After Trotro Driver Offloads Passengers Just To Reach  Him- Video Shatta Wale Breaks Down In Tears 

trotro driver showed the dancehall artist Shatta Wale’s true meaning of “hard die follower” after he packed his vehicle just to visit the artist in HITZ FM’s studios one-on-one. 
The driver was seen loading his car in front of Multimedia in viral video after he heard that dancehall artist Shatta Wale was at the HITZ FM studios.

The commercial driver who had a tattoo of Shatta Wale at his back attempted to enter the studios of Hitz FM to pursue his idol. After he got access to into the studio, the driver took off his shirt and revealed his tattoo to Shatta Wale and the panelist on the show.

On seeing the fan ‘s conduct, Shatta Wale was dumbfounded and hugged the trotro driver. After the driver refused to take the money from him, Shatta Wale broke down in tears, but told him he only wanted to see him one-on-one.

Watch the video below:

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