Yolo Star, Emily Reacts to Cyril’s Outdoor Baby

Co-star of popular television series for young people, You-Only-Live-Once(YOLO), Queenstar Anaafi, popularly addressed in the series as Emily also came out to respond to Aaron Adatsi, well-known as the outdoor baby of Cyril in the series.
Over the weekend, reports emerged that a bouncy baby boy with his lovely baby mama known as Eyram was welcomed by the lead star of the YOLO TV series, and they both welcomed him outdoors over the weekend.

He christened Ronny Junior, his son. The event saw some of his seniors and movie industry colleagues come in to give him their absolute and solid support.
Well, Emily didn’t respond explicitly to the christening of their baby boy by Aaron and Eyram, but since she posted only a few hours after the naming ceremony, it could be a response.


The actress posted and captioned a picture of herself in a swimming pool,???” Blue Waters, right?? ”.


Some of her followers took the opportunity soon after her post to troll her for letting off such a gorgeous young man.

However, as suspected by many, Emily has trashed reports of having a relationship with Cyril.

See below for the post:


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