Wendy Shay reacts angrily to the decision to ban celebrities from promoting betting companies.

Musician Wendy Shay responded angrily to the recent ban on the sponsorship of betting companies by celebrities.
The ban was imposed on celebrities by the Gaming Commission. They clarified that the decision is due to the growing number of celebrities endorsing betting companies, an activity that many claim might draw young fans to gambling.

Wendy Shay, who is BetPlanet ‘s ambassador, is not pleased, however, and is taking the Gaming Commission to the human rights court. The Food and Drugs Authority, which has also banned celebrities from promoting alcoholic beverages, she said.

Ghana celebs can we put our differences aside and fight the system? I guess we don’t know how powerful we are.

Well, I’m taking the FDA and Gaming commission to the Human Rights Court. Celebs are also Ghanaians and deserve better!! Ghana wake Up!!


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