“The boobs for which I was blessed with ehh if I do” No bra “today herhhhh boys” la wu

Francisca Gawugah, a Ghanaian songstress, was well known on stage as Sista Afia revealed her reason for not posting her # NoBraDay images on social media.

On October 13, No Bra Day is an international event in which women are urged to forgo wearing a bra as a way of raising awareness of breast cancer. On July 9, 2011, No Bra Day was initially observed, but it moved to the 13th day of the Nati onal Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October, within three years.

Sists Afia, loiking at the way she is endowed in the chest area, is one of the women celebrities Ghanaians were anxiously waiting to see her # NoBraDay photos online.

But all the pictures of the songstress were not seen on social media yesterday, and some fans wanted to challenge her in her DM.

Sista Afia finally came out to say that because of the big melons God has blessed her with, she chose not to participate in the # NoBraDay challenge like other female celebrities are doing.

She added that boys would die if she were to participate,

“So many people asking me for my NO BRA pic, but the boobs I got blessed with ehh if I do “No bra” today herhhhh boys “ la wu”

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