My serious rap lines and songs never brought in money – D- Black

CEO of Black Avenue Music and businessman Desmond Blackmore known in showbiz as D-Black has responded to the many asking him to quit rapping because he is a lazy rapper.

Speaking on his Atuu Show in an interview with Abeiku Santana, D-Black alluded to the fact that his rap lines aren’t good, adding that all the money is rather fetching him.

According to him, he had never made a single dime out of those songs he recorded during his old days when he was serious about his rap career.

The Club Onyx owner clarified that those songs just earned him accolades including winning a nomination at the BET which he didn’t receive.

He went on to say that after he recorded songs like Vera, it became a national success and it began getting him money then he ever anticipated.

“When I was rapping, I was broke.

When I was doing my rap stuff I was getting the accolades,

BET but I didn’t get money. I went to the BET with $800 and when I came back I was broke for a very long time.

But when I wrote “Vera” and recorded “Vera” everything changed”, he stressed.

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