A fan squeezed Wendy Shay big booty at An Event_ (VIDEO)

On social media, Wendy Shay has caused outrage again. The singer sighted in a new video offered a fan his fine broad and soft booty to squeeze while performing at an event on that she was billed.

Days earlier, at the same moment she was on stage singing her hits songs to the crowd who were there, the new video has the Rufftown Records signee twerking to fans at 4Syte TV.

The ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker caught the moment in her excellent performance and walked towards a ‘rasta’ man who was at the event, then turned his heavy backside to him.

As he passionately grabbed the booty of Wendy Shay and played with it, the guy got really aflame with romantic thoughts going through his head; gripping it like ‘porridge 50ps.’

Watch the Following VIDEO;

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