Dr. UN Surprise D-Black During An Interview After Scamming Him

The popular con artist Dr. UN seems to have the guts no one possesses as he pulls up a surprise on D-Black after scamming him.

Due to how things turn out and also dent the personality of the rapper, you couldn’t imagine anything but a fight when they meet again.

On the internet, a shot of D-Black and Dr. UN standing next to a swimming pool while they smile at the camera.

Well, the rapper posted a video when they met indicating that Abeiku Santana made that surprise when they were shooting an interview.

He wrote “

“Ahhh!! @AbeikuSantana jus had Dr UN pull up on me at this Atuuu interview ah ah ah !! 😅😡 Like if eno be Abeiku eh ! I for Just laugh 😡 #DBlackAt10″, the tweet reads.


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