Benedicta Gafah strikes a hip pad in the gym. Netizens react_(Video)

Having hit the gym in a hip pad, Ghanaian actress Benedicta Gafah has again got social media users talking.

Since catching sporting a hip pad she used to deceive the viewer that she has huge butts, the actress made headlines a few days.

milaava78: “Asem ben koraa ni, is she really working out or one of those photo shoots?? Because I can see the foam or the pads when she goes up and down! Is this necessary??”

nana_ama_oduro_akoto: “Aahhh but I see foam at her sides ooo ???… and they giving us pressure k3k3” _marie_ah: “So this girl paa what’s her problem”

efyalewinsky: “Bene de3 wab) me nfiii ta duku oooo. Ontie obiaa ????”

annisonhannah: “Am I the only person who’s seeing some puff puff??”

In recent times, some ladies prefer to put on hip pads while attempting to look desirable to the opposite sex, which gives them a massive shape that attracts men to come after them.

Serwaa Amihere, a tv host, was recently seen wearing one when it changed during a live TV broadcast.

A few days later, Nana Ama Mcbrown was also accused of wearing the same thing, according to a photo that surfaced on social media.

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