Go for a DNA test-Fan says to Fameye

As a matter of interest, a die-hard fan of Fameye has asked the artist to go for a DNA to prove that he is actually the father of his son Arvid Famiyeh as they don’t look alike.

According to a fan known on social media as Al-Munajjid Hassan Y. Sawiri, he believes that Fameye ‘s girlfriend and baby mama, known as Bridget Agyeman, cheated on him.

After Fameye took social media to post photographs of his son, the fan made the claim.

He commented:

“This child doesn’t look like u oooo, perhaps it’s for the “papa no”

See subsequent screenshot:

Somewhere last year, Fameye and his partner welcomed their first baby together, but the rapper turned singer only revealed it two months later.

While he has asserted and kept his son responsible, we believe the story of former blackstar footballer Odartey Lamptey and others in the country prompted the fan to contact him to perform a DNA test before it was too late.

Well, let’s not forget Fameye after the birth of his son has announced that he plans to have 29 more children with his girlfriend to add it to a total of 30 kids.

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