You’re going to have to stick out as an artist, that’s the ultimate way to break through – Mr. Drew

Ghanaian Musician, Mr. Drew, born Andrew Nii Commy Otu, has gone into the music business and how he felt it was before he entered into it.
He said he had his own vision of the industry when he was a long way from where he is now.

He clarified that he wanted to do music, but when he got signed to a deal, he found that it was a different ball game of fraternity.

Speaking on Okay FM, he clarified that as a musician, you’re going to have to be at the top of the game if you’re just dreaming of standing out between the other competitors.

He said that standing out requires individuality, hard work without losing it, and he also said that at a time when things are not going to go the way you expected.

Mr. Drew, however, admitted that, having been aware of all this, he had learned a lot to lead him to the locations he wished to go.

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