Mzvee ‘s video tossing her little backside lights up social media

Former Lynx Entertainment Signe Mzvee born Vera Haminoo-Kpeda is back in full force in the music business and has chosen to help the other ladies by supporting fans.

A few hours earlier, the ‘NATURAL Girl’ singer posted a video of her tossing her little ‘butt bum’ and showing off her smooth tummy.

She was dancing to her own song called ‘Baby;’ fans can’t get enough of her and showered her with a MASSIVE of praise.

See the following video:

Read some comments below:

Ohemaawoyeje: “Sexy Mzveeeee”

ponobiom: “??”

mzbeldaily: “??”

dbjgh: “You fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ??”

awuduibrahimchelsea: “Good morning ??….star girl”

iamskancyboy_: “Nice looking?????”

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