Diana Asamoah eventually meets Mr. Drew; her response is priceless.

Ghanaian singer and actor, Mr. Drew eventually met the gospel artist Diana Asamoah, who used her name in his hit single ‘Dw3’ featuring Sarkodie and Krymi.

eAccording to a video on Kaywa, the Ceo of Extremely Spiritual Music that Mr. Drew is a signee, the two were so happy that they had actually met when Diana Asamoah was left speechless.

The iconic line in the song ‘eri Diana Asamoah eeh’ is the most chorused section of the song at the concerts and at the club when it’s performed.

Sometime later, the gospel singer was asked if she had any issues with the secular artist using her name in the album, which she replied she didn’t have any problems with.

Diana Asamoah went on to say that she wouldn’t mind recording a single with Mr. Drew.

Maybe, after that, the two will cook up for the fans in the studio soon.

View the video below:



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