The video of Nicole Thea and her son Reign finally laid to rest.

The funeral ceremony of the 24-year-old Ghanaian YouTube star, Nicole Thea, was set for today, September 4 , 2020, and her innocent baby was finally laid to rest.

At the funeral service, friends , relatives, and well-wishers, all clad in Nicole ‘s favorite pink hue, paid their final respects to the beautiful young lady.

Excerpts from the 90bars display were gathered outside the church where the ceremony was conducted before the actual burial, as reported by the family in their press release.

In a sad display, Gh Boga, the socialite ‘s partner, could not hold back his tears as his feelings blew.

While offering his final words, Boga was totally distracted as he left Nicole with an unfeigned message of his love for her and her son.

A devastated Boga said as he was sobbing, “Nicole, the life we started has not ended. I will make you reign just like you always did. We had so many plans, we accomplished most of our plans. I don’t know whether to blame God or life. Now I know life is nothing.For an angel like you to be taken from us then this life is nothing”.

Watch below:



The cause of Nicole ‘s death is yet to be unraveled as her family maintains that they are still searching on a verdict on the true cause of her death.

The family vowed to donate money to ensure that no woman will die again in certain circumstances.

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