Lil Wayne’s ‘Funeral’ was announced.

My heart beats faster when I saw the headline “Lil wayne’s funeral has been announced.”


I was curious if it was GH actor Lilwayn or American singer Lilwayn, I was just about to find out that, it was American singer Lilwayn.

If you know the guy, you would have to listen to his song “You Are The One For Me” along with DJ Kalid, Justin Bieber and others.


I just love the music, and so far I’ve been listening to the album.


I really like this guy, and I don’t want him to die soon.


I was curious what could have caused his death.


Feeling sad on the inside …


That I had to press the “headline” button.


Only to find out that it was news about his latest album, and the writer needed more clicks on the site.

All of this happened in five seconds.


The writer is a brilliant copywriter who knows human nature.


He was able to persuade him and others to read about * Lil Wayne * on his blog post.




If he used a different word,


“Lil Wayne has released another new album called Funeral.”

Maybe I wouldn’t be interested and he wouldn’t have had me clicked on this article.


The author knows that coming up with a “good headline” is as easy as answering two basic questions:


1. What is the most critical issue facing the target customers on the market?


2. What’s the real wish the target markets have for them?

By answering these questions, you will come up with a convincing headline that is irresistible to your prospects.


The example above is best practiced by copywriters.


Research has shown that human beings are overwhelmed by many external powers, and that the lifetime of human beings on any ad or news is less than 8 seconds.


This means that if you want to be heard and get more exposure by your words, you have to come up with a convincing ad that can convert, beginning with the development of “Curious and Enticing Headlines”


Please, let me ask you this question?


If you have 50,000 people who are interested in purchasing what you’re selling, how do you convey your product / service to them?


Would you like to say, Hey! Come and buy this?

What you say can make or Mar your business. Hope you have learnt something today.

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