Shatta Wale should avoid associating himself with Kumerica – Papa Kumasi

Kumawood actor Papa Kumasi has asked Shatta Wale to avoid associating himself with the Kumerica trend.

Speaking in an interview with ZionFelix, the Kumawood actor clarified that his call to the Dancehall King to stay away from the trend was due to the reason that he had to encourage them to shine as well.


His comment comes after Shatta Wale released a song called ‘Kumerica’ as part of his quest to join the new and hottest movement in Ghana right now.


The Kumerican Anthem is the song according to him.

The Kumerican movement that began with social media has gained significant participation from most people outside of social media.


The trend that started with some Kumasi people has since gone viral.

T-shirts and passports to this effect have been created to show the severity of this development.


Some musicians have released songs to offer their full support to a new movement that is rapidly amassing numbers.


According to Papa Kumasi, since the movement started with some young musicians in Kumasi, people should leave them to enjoy the trend.


“The musicians outside Kumasi should stick to ‘paaaah,’ ‘Paah Paaah Paaah’ and ‘Bhiiim’ so that the boys in Kumasi can also play ‘Kumerica’ themselves,” he said.

Papa Kumasi added that Kumasi has a lot of talents that need to be helped, so all the Kumasi people in particular need to support the movement to make it large.

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