No Man Can Be Faithful To One Woman — Kekeli Akosua Says (Video)

Ghanaian actress, Efiewura-famous Kekeli Akosu, has dropped a bomb about men and relationships. She said that no man could ever be with a woman.

Speaking in a Hitz FM interview, Kekeli Akosua said that it’s very difficult for a man to stay with a woman for a lifetime, adding that that’s how they are, of course.

“There is no woman capable of satisfying all the needs of a man. That’s why they’re cheating a lot in a relationship. They can never be satisfied with it. What he’s got from Girl A he’s not going to get from Girl B, and that’s why he’s got to cheat.

She said:

She also advised all the ladies to stop getting upset when their men lie because that’s who they are

“As a woman, if you get angry or jealous about your man cheating, you are only wasting your time. Men are natural cheats, so just get used to it,” she added.

Watch The video below:

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