Nadia Buari Dash Men With Advice As She Claims Good Women Exist But Ain’t Perfect

Ghanaian star, Nadia Buari gave a piece of advice to men looking to get a good woman with everything classic.

According to her, there are good women out there, but they have something that men won’t like.

She took her Instagram page to warn the men who are looking for a wife material to understand that there are some things about the ‘Good Woman’ they ‘re going to hate.

She said, “Just remember, there are still good women, but our tummies are not flat, and we like to talk back”

Nadia tries to clarify that there are good women who have the material of a wife any man desires, but they’re not perfect.

You might find your desire for women with all the beauty and curvy shapes, but their attitude is going to be very toxic and you can find the good characters, but they talk back and don’t have the beauty.

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