he Wives Of Male Celebrities Who Were Described as ‘Modest’ Now Fighting Attention Like ‘All Over The Place’ – Delay

Ghanaian broadcaster Delay, Doris Frimpong Manson, said that women of men’s celebrities are currently struggling for attention as they compete with “all over the place” women on television.

Before the actor cum politician, John Dumelo got married, a male broadcaster, KOD said on his Facebook page that Dumelo had decided to settle with a modest woman after hanging out with “all over the place.”

A lot of female television broadcasters find the post insulting that made them attack KOD.

Well, TV presenter, Delay reacted to the fact that these celebrities’ wives are now putting their entire family on social media to seek attention.

She said that they are now fighting for space, which is the lifestyle of TV presenters who have been condemned for their modesty.

Delay noted that she was confused as to how she should define herself, because she was said to have been “all over the place,” but the so-called modest women are now seeking traffic and attention, a lifestyle in which they were slammed.


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