Could It be Rema Has Fallen Inlove With his Female Fan Nimiie

Young Nigerian singer Rema got his female fan(Nimiie) emotional when he gave her a peck on her neck as she cruises as if she were his girlfriend on their date.

The young musician on a date took a random female fan(Nimiie) as a way to say thank you to them for loving him and his music all the time.


Yet from the video we saw online, the young singer might have fallen in love with his female fan because he addresses her like his girlfriend.

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He was probably attempting to be a gentlemen and be sweet for his supporter but some of his acts in the video let him away because he may have fallen in love with the young lady.

Full of excitement, Rema posted on his twitter account the romantic and emotional dimension of their encounter as though he and his girlfriend were on an encounter.



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